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Allendale, NJ Real Estate Trends

Sold. The one word every home seller wants to hear. It’s the reason that you’re here. More importantly, though, it’s the reason that we are here. Accomplishing this is no small feat for an individual attempting to sell their own property. The resources required are immense and the time spent can definitely alter your quality of life until your true buyer surfaces. 

Stress, fatigue, mistakes, frustration, and wasted time are just a few of the land-mines that we are here to help you sidestep. The key is to be a smart home seller. Using a highly qualified and knowlegeable agent is the first step to saving yourself the grief that awaits you in listing and selling your home. As you can see from the market research below, having the right tools to do the job is a large part of the battle.

What can be gleaned from the data below is invaluable in assessing the current market in Allendale, NJ. It not only gives you an idea of what the median asking price for homes in the area are, but, it also goes as far as showing you that they’ve climbed since a year ago by a whopping 21%. This will help you set a strong and reasonable price point for your home that still allows for a sizable profit.

The research below also shows you that there are more homes on the market currently than in the recent past.  What's interesting is the increase in seller price reductions. More great information that you can use to avoid some pricing pitfalls that other sellers made that could cost them lost profit and time in the long run.

It also tells that you the competitiveness in this market is definitely ramping up and to sell your property is going to take serious man hours that, like most sellers, you simply do not have to spare. Even for those that do have the time, it’s time that can be used on things that are much more enjoyable. Peace of mind. Time saved. Increased profits. Error free selling. These are things that bringing on the wrong representation will help you to avoid. If you’re actually ready to embrace those rewards then you’re definitely in the correct place.

It’s not about appealing to every potential buyer in Allendale, NJ.  It’s about appealing to the right buyer. The first step to moving in the right direction? Choosing the right agent. Hello. We’re The Adler Home Team and we look forward to working on getting you to your goal. Remember, the sooner you call us, the sooner we can call you back and say the one word that we know you’re looking for: sold. We’ll speak to you soon.