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In today's highly competitive Bergen County, New Jersey real estate market, pricing your home RIGHT is critical. Price it too high and your home will frighten away potential buyers and languish on the market. Price it too low and you forfeit your hard-earned equity. When you request your Home Evaluation CMA, you benefit from receiving a comprehensive market analysis based on comparable recently sold homes in Upper Saddle River, Ridgewood, Ramsey, Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, Mahwah, Allendale and homes sold with similar features and conditions in each specific area. Our Home Evaluation CMA delivers superior results - Results you can count on!

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Have you made any recent home improvements? Your home may be worth more than you think. Complete the full property analysis below and we'll be able to determine the most accurate value for your property.

What Determines a Home's Value

Although the listing price you place on your property will influence its sale, there are many other factors that come into play. Some of these factors are within your control, some are not.

What You Can Control

  • Your property's distinctive and compelling attributes
  • The physical condition of your property, home, and grounds
  • The price and preferred terms
  • The ready access to your property for showing
  • The real estate professional you choose to represent you
  • Staging

What You Can't Control

The value of your property is determined by what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing to accept in today's market. Buyers make their pricing decision based on comparing your property to other properties sold in your area. Historically, your first offer is usually your best.

Understand How Buyers Evaluate Homes

The value of a house is determined by two major elements: feature and price. If a home has more features that appeal to buyers — or is priced lower than comparable homes — it will stand out as the better value. Conversely, if a home lacks the features that potential buyers look for, the only option is to compete on price. To be effective, your home's pricing strategy should position it to stand out as one of the top two or three best values in your immediate marketplace.

When it comes to pricing, it is a myth that you can start high and reduce later without negative consequences. Because a property commands the most attention when it first hits the market, overpricing can cost a home its greatest opportunity to sell.

Buyers know a good value and proactively pricing your home will place it in the best position to sell quickly and for maximum dollar.

Price Your Home Right to Attract Buyers

Pricing your property competitively will generate the most activity from agents and buyers. Pricing your property too high may make it necessary to drop the price below market value to compete with new, well priced listings.

asking price compared with percent of buyers who look at property

The right price is important when selling a home in New Jersey. Just to recap, the reasons we price your home at market value is because:

  • A property generates the most interest when it first hits the market
  • The number of showings is greatest during this time if it is priced at a realistic market value
  • Starting too high and dropping the price later misses the excitement and fails to generate strong activity
  • Many homes that start high end up selling below market value

If you're interested in learning the market value of your New Jersey home, request your free home evaluation below.

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