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About Jeff & Debby Adler, The Adler Home Team


We always ask our clients to write or email us, and tell us truthfully how they appreciated our service to them. Their feedback is so important! Here are a few highlights of what people are saying about us…

Did you have a great experience that you want to share? Tell us about it!

Jeff, Debby and the entire Team were fabulous, knowledgable, attentive and a pleasure to work with. From the first time we met Debby and Jeff my wife and I both got a real good feeling of the knowledge, professionalism and experience they both exemplified. They were there for every phone call, text, email and any questions presented. We can honestly say that not only did we find great realtors in Debby and Jeff but friends for life. We highly recommend Debby, Jeff and their entire Team for selling, buying and any kind of realtor needs.

- Filipic family

I recently closed on a property with the help of realtor Karen Chan. She was very knowledgeable and her response to my many questions were followed up on and answered in a timely fashion. Very professional and made the closing process stress free. I would recommend her to anyone and she is a great asset to Jeff and Debra Adler's team. Five stars all the way.

- Mike C.

Debra and Jeff Adler made selling our home much easier than we anticipated! They worked tirelessly to market our home and it was presented beautifully in their advertisements. Their guidance helped us to appropriately price our home and sell it in quickly. Debra and Jeff were available to talk and checked in often ensuring us that they were actively working to bring us qualified and interested buyers. It was a pleasure to get to know Debra and Jeff. We sincerely appreciate all they have done for our family!

- Marialynn

The Adlers are very professional and pleasant, a pleasure to work with. Debbie cold called me about 2 years before we had even contemplated selling our home. She mistook us for our son who had withdrawn his house from the market from the same town and wanted to see if she could help sell the home! She was extremely pleasant and got to talking about our own plans. I told her she could be in touch in case we decided to sell which was a distant possibility at the time. She was in touch every few months/weeks since then and she always was very pleasant. When the time came to sell, we talked to several realtors but when we met Debbie in person, her warmth and pleasantness and above all their professionalism made it so easy to decide to go with them. Jeff did a wonderful job with the photos and they showed so much enthusiasm about the launch of the listing with the open house, it definitely eased the tension and anxieties that every seller must feel. They assured us repeatedly that they were there for us 100% and we felt very comfortable that they would negotiate to our favor. Our house sold for full price with competing offers within days of the open house! The Adler team was there for us right through the inspection and went to bat for us when some problems cropped up with the processes. I highly recommend them to anyone.

- Nlramanan

I would highly recommend the Adler Team when you are in need of a real estate professional. This is the second time we have used the Adler's in selling property, both times for my parents. They help them find a condo when they needed to downsize from the family home and then years later assisted my Dad in selling his condo. In the process my Dad passed away and I continued with Debbie and Jeff. They could not have been more help to me, living out of state, they kept an extra special eye on the property and assisted me in anything I needed. They treated us as part of the family. I thank them for a quick sale and a pleasure to work with.

- Wendy F.

Might as well put up your feet, get comfortable, because this may take a while. 'Round this time of the year, my thoughts go back, to where I had just moved in about a month ago, and was starting to make headway into making my new house into a home. It seems so long ago, although in some aspects just yesterday. I had contacted Debbie to ask them to give us (me) some advise as to approach my then, very alive and reluctant husband to agree to have them appraise our home and give us advise, how best to proceed. I wanted to move so did my husband, however I was for just selling it to the first bidder, my now late husband wanted to sell for what HE thought it was worth it to him. The Team came and were short and to the point, declutter, leave everything else the way it is, what we should market it for and what we could expect. If this criteria was agreed upon, they basically told us it they would have a buyer with a reasonable offer within a few months. They commented on the fact that the house was uncommonly clean, spotless. Need to tell you Jeff is the no nonsense numbers and decision man, Debbie the make nice, warm so easy to get along person, but between the two of them, they got the job done, exactly as they said they would. Best of all stress free and accommodating on all fronts. It was not easy for them especially in my case, after we came back from PA, having told that realtor to make a reasonable offer, we contacted the Adlers to move forward with the listing. Well, we came home two days later and my husband had a massive heart attack and died, basically on the way to the hos[ital. I cannot possibly convey to you in words, how the Adlers helped me, not only physically, but emotionally to get through the whole process of selling, moving and transaction with the new house. We had a very reasonable offer two days later. Details, my kids were not qualified to deal with, legal or otherwise. Trust me my kids were there for me every step of the way, from Mahwah to So,Lancaster, literally and physically. However the non-relatives, the Adlers could not have been more supportive and done more. I still consider them my friends, and give me a warm fuzzy feeling remembering. Now really how may realtors do you know, that gives you that? I know realtors and warm and fuzzy is an oxymoron to most people. My husband not one to make rash decisions, rush into anything, told them he would contact them, when he was ready to list it. 2 months later, after going back and forth on long w./e. to PA for 6 years, we found the perfect house relatively new ranch.

- Catrien

When Debbie Adler rang my doorbell,in my former home, the day after my listing expired, I was shocked that a real estate agent would advertise this way. A couple months later when my husband and I were ready to put the house back on the market we immediately thought of Debbie and how gutsy it was to walk up to a total strangers home and try to sell her service. This was exactly the type of person we wanted selling our home that sat on the market for two years prior with two other agents! Her commitment to selling our house and the tremendous amount of time she spent with us stratigizing is why we sold our home a day after the broker's open house. Debbie kept her promise and I promise to spread the good word about the Adler Group. Thank you for selling our home! Sincerely, Marissa P

- Marissa and David Paul

- Brad and Elana

- Jim Tedesco

I used Rosa DeLeon and the Adler Home Team to buy my first home this winter and they were amazing! As a first-time homebuyer, I was really unsure of the entire process but Rosa was patient and extremely helpful! She was always available to answer my questions and offer advice via phone, text and email. The best part of working with Rosa was that she was always more focused on answering my questions, giving me good advice, and finding homes that met my needs than she was on closing a deal. I highly recommend Rosa and the Adler Home Team to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home!

- Shana Rose G.

The Adler Team has been amazing in finding my forever home. Rosa DeLeon with the Adler Home Team has become family! She has been knowledgeable, kind, and most importantly extremely patient as our search for the perfect home was a long one. Now I am extremely happy to say that because of Rosa and the Adler Team my family and I can finally settle down in our forever home. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

- Omayra F.

- Phil and Renee

Rosa and the Adler Home Team were fantastic. Rosa was very knowledgeable and resourceful during the entire process from searching a home up until I had the keys to my house on my hands. She was very professional, friendly, her patience was stellar, and never felt pushy during the process. Rosa's scheduled was very flexible, she showed me all the houses possible until we found the perfect fit for me. She would help me see the pros and cons throughout the showings. I highly recommend her.

- Viviana O.

- John and Kim

It was such a pleasure working with Jeff and Debby! They sold our home in 24 hours. Plus made a stressful time flow with comfort and support. They truly know their business. Their knowledge and experience was so beneficial to our transaction. I highly recommend the home town team. A+++

- Judy D.

We worked with Rosa DeLeon and she was amazing! She was highly recommended and she exceeded every expectation. It was our 1st time purchasing a home and she walked us through the entire process and kept us informed every step of the way. She was proactive, supportive and incredibly diligent. If you’re looking to purchase a home, we highly recommend Rosa. Best realtor in the area. You will not be disappointed! We can’t thank her enough!

- Shamilla M.

We worked with the Adler Team the second time - when we bought our house 11 years ago, and now, when it was time to move on and sell. Debbie and Jeff have exceptional knowledge of the local market,and know their business inside and out. They are right on spot when it comes to pricing and are a huge  help with all transaction tasks. Both are always there for their clients - on weekends, late at night or early in the morning. Debbie and Jeff are true experts, support their clients along the way and have answers to all real estate questions. If we ever need a real estate broker again, we wouldn't think of someone else. House sold in no time. And besides that, we had a lot of fun together. Thank you, Debbie and Jeff! 

- Karsten A.

The Adler Team, and especially Rosa DeLeon, made our home buying experience the absolute best it could be. Even though it took us close to a year to find the right place, they never pushed us or made us feel bad for looking at too many houses. They were consultative and considerate the entire time, and I'm extremely grateful we were able to work with them. I HIGHLY recommend them for ALL buyers.

- Kevin S.

We worked with Rosa DeLeon on purchasing our home in New Jersey. Rosa is extremely friendly and very punctual in her communication. We were relocating from the south, had very short time to see houses and a quick discussion to make an offer. My wife were out of town the first month during our home search. During this process, Rosa worked very hard to coordinate with our busy schedule. She was available almost every weekend, patiently showed multiple houses, actively worked to find us a right house and helped us to move faster on closing. What I liked about Rosa was that she has a very good sense of urgency, she is very responsive to her text/email/call, she is very honest about providing her feedback regarding houses. Before coming in showing Rosa does her homework, prepares herself collecting seller's disclosure, property history, and town details. I will always recommend having Rosa as your real estate agent. 

- MD Ehtesham R.

The Adler team generated high interest in our open house and the house sold quickly. They were also right there for the inevitable twists and turns that happen on the way to closing. We are very happy with the Adler team!

- Marilyn K.

Debby was truly a strong asset in accomplishing the sale of my house. Diligent, assertive, responsive and just able to make things happen, while maintaining a positive attitude and a spirit of cooperation- even when my water heater began leaking an hour before the buyer walk- through on the day  before closing!! The Adler Team’s years of successful experience shows in every interaction with them, from the initial interview to the final closing- good people to have on your side.

- Ann Marie B.

We first met Jeff and Debby Adler several years ago when they represented us in the selling of our first townhome in Mahwah. They made this stressful time extremely easy, were receptive of our questions and walked us through the process every step of the way. As our friends started purchasing their first homes, we referred the Adler's to them because I knew they would provide the same expertise and professionalism. Throughout the years we’ve stayed in contact with periodic check-ins along the way. When we decided to look for a new home and sell our current home, we knew our go-to team was The Adler's. They were extremely knowledgeable of the market conditions and their consultative approach helped guide us through both the sale and buy process. I would highly recommend The Adler Home Team for the sale or purchase of your new home!

- Robert P.

The Adler Team has been amazing in finding my forever home. Rosa DeLeon with the Adler Home Team has become family! She has been knowledgeable, kind, and most importantly extremely patient as our search for the perfect home was a long one. Now I am extremely happy to say that because of Rosa and the Adler Team my family and I can finally settle down in our forever home. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

- Arturo & Omayra F.

Jeff and Debby went above and beyond in helping us locate the perfect home for our growing family. They helped us sell our condo and find the house of our dreams in our desired neighborhood in Mahwah, NJ. We highly recommend Jeff and Debby. They were always available to us, even in off hours. They are a pleasure to work with.

- sehayhurst

We work with Rosa De Leon on purchasing our home in New Jersey. Rosa is extremely friendly and very punctual in her communication. We were relocating from the south, had very short time to see houses and a quick discussion to make an offer. My wife were out of town first 1 month during our home search. During these process, Rosa worked very hard to coordinate with our busy schedule. She was available almost every weekend, patiently showed multiple houses, actively worked to find us a right house and helped us to move faster on closing. What I like about Rosa that she has the very good sense of urgency, she is very responsive to her text/email/call, she is very honest about providing her feedback regarding houses. Before coming in showing Rosa does her homework, prepare herself collecting seller's disclosure, property history, and town details. I will always recommend having Rosa as your real estate agent.

- Rezapq

Hi! My name is Maggie Costiglia, I live in Allendale and about 4 and a half years ago I was introduced to Jeff and Debby Adler through another agent who had them in high regard because we were in a situation where in we wanted to purhcase one house and also needed to sell another house. To make our situation quite unique was it was right at the peak of the market crashing. It went from July through the end of August. Because people were suddenly having their mortgages or mortgage commitment revoked from them, it made very difficult to sell a house but since we had already purchased we were afraid of getting stuck with two houses. Although we did had three differnet buyers for our house within a short period of time, obviously it was a very stressful situation. We were very worried, it would appear that our house was somehow not good that's why people are walking away from it. We had the assistance of Jeff and Debby to keep putting the house back on the market and to assure other future buyers that there was n tothing wrong with the house, it was the buyes themselves that could not go through with it. It was avery stressful period in our lives, ofcourse they were there holding our hands in guiding and helping to make the situation okay. They also actually gave us an alternative if in case we cannot sell the second house, we can always rent it out, which was an option for us. Even purchasing this house, they made it a pleasant experience for us and they were there for us even after the closing of the sale they check in regualrly, make sure everything is working out well for us. I have to say, if I did have somebody to recommend for purchasing or selling a home I would recommend Jeff and Debby Adler. They were there for us and I can honestly say they watch your back.

- Maggie Costiglia

Hi! My name is Dana Bergan. My husbandm John, and I and our family live in Ramsey. We met Jeff and Debby about 10 years ago when we're looking for a house. Debby was very patient, showed us all kinds of properties- condominiums, homes, other towns as well as Ramsey. We finally found a house that we wanted and we decided that we're gonna put a bid on it and I rememebr there was acompetitor that wa bidding against us on this house and I had a conenction to the owner of the home. Our children went to daycare together, I recognized one of the pictures in the house as we were touring and they wrote a letter along with our bid. We were able to get the house at a lower price than our competitor when all houses werea going outlisted that time. Then it was time to sell our condominium, it sold at the open house that we had, the very first day. Throughout the whole process they wer wit hus every step of the way, they held out hands, they were ther at the closing and we've had a good relationship eversince and I' d say we're friends. Would recommend Jeff and Debby if you are in the process of buying or selling a home.

- Dana Bergan

Hi! My name is Janet Rooney, I live in Ramsey, New Jersey. And this year I sold my house and bought another house in Ramsey. The story begins when my husband and I just looked in the paper and we saw a house we really love, it was a great price. The only catch was that we need to sell our house first so that's when we met Jeff and Debby and they helped us price our house right and sell our house under forty days so that we could then move in to the house of our dreams. None of that would be possible if they didn't do it in such a professional manner. They really walked us through in every step of the closing process and they helped educate us to make things run smoothly and I would highly recommend them to anybody, I had a really positive experience.

- Janet Rooney

- Kim

- The Reids
- Melissa & Chris
- Bryan & Anne
- Dan & Diane
- Nicole & Steve

Jeff and Debby Adler have been helping me find tenants for my properties since 2004. They are truly the best in the business. They always have the inside scoop on the area and by sending informative newsletters with real estate advice and information, they ensure that their clients have that knowledge as well. They are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and hardworking. They always go above and beyond for me and in the 8 years I've worked with them, they've always found a tenant for me almost immediately. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs fast results.

- Claire

I was very fortunate to find the Adler team when it came time to sell my house. They were thorough, knowledgeable and explained how and why was the best way to sell my home. After developing a list of comps in our area, I was able to determine a fair price for my house. In this tough market, they found a buyer the first week of listing the house, and it sold for very close to the asking price. I would definately use the Adler team again and strongly recommend them.

- Ridgerider

Honest, efficient & full-service start to end.

- Brian Burchell

Jeff and Debby were fantastic to work with. As a first time home buyer, I had many questions and they were there every step of the way to make sure I had an answer to them. They knew the market very well and I knew the second I met Debby at an open house, that I wanted her and Jeff to be my realtors. I would recommend them to all my friends and family

- Jim Tedesco

Jeff and Debbie Adler helped us sell our house in February 2012. They came to us and explained how they proposed to sell our house and we were very impressed. Both Jeff and Debbie are very professional but more importantly they realized what it would take in a tough market to get our home sold. We would recommend them to anyone interested in selling their home.

- Judy Jackson

My wife and I have bought and sold many homes in our lifetime. We only wish we met The Dynamic Duo- AKA The Adler Team When we started purchasing homes. Their knowledge in real estate as well as experience and Patience is the best we have ever worked with-To say nothing of the virtual reality presentations that they put together. We strongly recommend the Adler Team.

- Norma & Barry Klau

Debby and Jeff were great. They held our hands from start to finish and stuck with us throughout the process! Debby didn't even bat an eyelash when we looked at close to 50 houses! They came recommended through friends and we recommended them to friends!

- Carolyn Krehel

It was a pleasure working with Jeff & Debby.  They took the time to listen to our needs and went above and beyond to accommodate us (even when we might have been a little unreasonable!).  By the end of our experience, they felt like part of the family.  I would recommend them to anyone!

- Jackie

Jeff and Debbie made our home search an enjoyable stress free experience.  We couldn’t be more pleased with their service and professionalism throughout every step of the process.  We would definitely recommend the Adler Home Team to our friends and family.

- Roger & Jennifer

Our experience with Debbie & Jeff was great; it was so nice having a knowledgeable team with area, school and neighborhood expertise.  We sold and bought our homes with Jeff & Debbie and would never have gone anywhere else.  If you are looking for a team always available and on your side, the Adler Home Team is your pick.

- Vincent & Jessica

It was a pleasure to work with the Adler’s.  They were very helpful in my home search with a strong knowledge of the Bergen County area.  The Adler team had a very good approach looking at homes and helping with getting the best price during negotiations.  It was a fantastic home buying experience.  I would highly recommend them with your home purchase; they still stay in contact and make sure I am enjoying my home.  The Adler team is wonderful real estate agents and friends who care about you and your home buying experience.

- Pamela

Hi, my name is Kim and my husband and I used Jeff and Debby Adler from The Adler Home Team to sell our home in Midland Park and to purchase our home in Waldwick, NJ.  We loved working with the Adlers. They were really attentive to our needs and were always there when we called them. They always were available to show us homes and that is something that is really important when looking for a Real Estate Agent. We would highly recommend Jeff and Debby Adler from The Adler Home Team.

- Kim & Matt

Hi, we are Melissa and Chris. We live in Ramsey, NJ. We purchased our house about 10 years ago.  We were brand new to the home buying process and we were very grateful that we stumbled into Debby and Jeff Adler’s office because they took us throughout Ramsey that day. Showed us the area and eventually found us the house that we purchased. Then they held our hand and went through the whole purchasing process, understanding what we needed to do when we needed to do it. We found our home and we moved into it a few months later. We are still here and we’ve been happy ever since. Thanks to Jeff and Debby Adler. We would recommend them to anyone who is interested in purchasing a home or is looking around in the area, to help them in their home buying process.

- Melissa & Chris

Hello, we are Anne & Bryan. We are selling our home in Westwood, NJ. We called Jeff and Debby Adler to interview them as our selling agents. We found them on the internet and Debby called me back with in a very short period of time. We sat down and had a lovely conversation with them about selling our home. They were very attentive. They gave us accurate information, held our hand through the whole process and we are very, very pleased with the result that we got on the sale of our home. We would highly recommend Jeff and Debby Adler of The Adler Home Team. They will certainly do the best they can and help you along this very, very tough process.  And, we will be out of here in 5 days!

- Anne & Bryan

Hi , we are Dan & Daine, we now reside in Waldwick thanks to Debby & Jeff Adler’s hard work in finding this lovely home for us.  Not only did they find this home for us which was a downsizing. They also sold our home in River Vale which was much larger where we raised our children. They did a great job for us. They sold our house in two days. We found them very friendly and very professional. We recommend them to anyone! 

- Dan & Diane

We found Deb and Jeff on the recommendation of good friends who purchased their home with The Adler duo. We had already been through a couple of other realtors who didn't work out and we had our minds set on a specific neighborhood in Mahwah. We needed help and fast. After more than two years we found a house in the neighborhood we loved, was affordable and was move-in ready. After getting outbid not once, but twice, Deb's polite persistence kept us in the game with a very difficult seller. After almost 7 months of busted offers and challenging negotiations, we closed on the house and moved into our dream house/neighborhood. We recommend Deb and Jeff to anyone we know looking for a home in the area. They are consummate professionals, who work tirelessly at their jobs. They are incredible people who made us feel like we were their only clients. We are so grateful for having them on our team.

- Paul & Jackie

We had such a great experience with Debby and Jeff. They made us feel like we were their only clients even though we were just selling an investment property. It's the little things they did that helped us out so much. We hate to brag but ( oh go on) but we had an offer in a week and closed a month after that - over asking price! Selling a condo is a pain. You need a team like the Adler group to make it easy. Thanks guys. Susan and Sean

- Susan Murphy and Sean Crimmins

Jeff and Debby Are Great!

They quickly set up a creative marketing plan and went to work.

- Fran & Howie Lipkint

Jeff and Debby helped us find the perfect house in our price range.

- Karen & Richard Esterow

Thank you!

You said you have won out in bidding wars dozens of times? you were right!

- Jan & Bob Baker

They Are Miracle Workers!

They helped us sell our home, buy another and close both on the same day.

- Laurie & Tom VanderVein

We Are Both Business Executives and greatly appreciated Jeff and Debby’s knowledge, ethics and patience.


- Al & Jeanne Hall

We Could Not Be Happier, Jeff and Debby Relocated Us With Just Two Home Viewing Trips.

- Amy & Jim Erwin

We Thoroughly Enjoyed Working With Jeff And Debby. They sold our house in record time and seemingly effortlessly found our new dream home for us.

- Marie & Sal Oliver

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