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Understanding Home Inspections That Can Be Ordered When Selling Your Home in Bergen County

An important part of the home selling process is the professional inspection of the home. A typical home inspection with include an examination of the overall structure and basement including windows and doors. They will also extend their inspection to the property outside the home: walkways, decks, stairs, etc. The gutters, downspouts, and flashing of the roof will be judged for their ability to protect the home and foundation from water damage.

Essential Bergen County Home System InspectionsHome Inspections in Bergen and Morris County NJ

Home Inspectors will pay special attention to your home's utility systems. He will examine the structure and insulation of the garage and home. Inspectors will look at plumbing supply lines and water hear. The heat and air conditioning systems will be checked for stability and efficiency. Bathrooms will be inspected for ventilation, water pressure, and overall condition. Typical inspections will also include appliance testing, such as ovens, dryers, etc., and the electrical system as a whole.

Home Inspection Reports

At the end of the inspection, buyers will receive a details report with pictures and suggested repairs. Their real estate agent will use this report to create a Home Inspection Notice that lists the buyer's requested repairs.

Our team then receives this notice as well as the complete home inspection report. You, as the seller, would then have a window of 3 days in which to respond to the requested repairs. 

Your response can be any of the following:

  • Accept their terms (agree to make all of the requested repairs)
  • Continue negotiations (offer to make some or none of the repairs)
  • Declare the contract void (dismiss their offer and required repairs altogether)

Deciding How to Respond to a Home Inspection Notice

Only 1% of homeowners make home inspections and suggested repairs regularly throughout their ownership. Most likely you will find potential buyers will have some requested repairs following the inspection of your home - it's just a reality. But don't worry, sometimes the repairs are minor things that won't break the bank. If a buyer requests a major repair, The Adler Home Team will use our year of negotiating repairs with buyers and sellers to guide you toward the best decisions. You'll find we can easily identify what repairs must be done and which you can refuse, always in your best interests.

Receipts for Repairs

We can't emphasize enough how important it is to keep any receipts and copies of agreed upon repair work and supplies. We must send them to the buyer's agent and the title company a week prior to the closing. These receipts will be kept with the contract files.

Termite Inspections

Buyers often make a termite inspection a part of the contract, typically at their own expense and organization. Most lenders require the the inspection occurs within 30 days prior to the closing, so it is often one of the final steps in the selling process.

A termite inspection only takes about half an hour and will include a search for signs of termites outside the home. The inspector will also need to examine the joists inside your home for pliability or softness that could indicate termite damage. If the inspector finds any indication of termites in the home, his report is shared with you as the seller and the responsibility to rid your home of termites falls on you.

Ready to Sell Your Home with Our Team?

The Adler Home Team has years of experience negotiating repairs and navigating through the entire selling process. To learn about the entire process, check out our other home seller resources. When you are sell your home, be sure to contact The Adler Home Team, your New Jersey real estate experts.