Facts and Figures For Ridgewood NJ

Ridgewood Quick Facts

Median Age: 40
Average Household Size: 3
Annual Residential Turnover: 13
Population Density per Mile: 4,207
Households with Children: 3,855
Median Years in Residence: 4.5
Median Dwelling Age:  55

Total Population: 24,506
Households: 8,374
Average Household Income: $198,991

Ridgewood Education

Percent of Population with a Bachelor’s Degree: 40.3%
Percent of Population with a Graduate Degree: 31%

Top Three Employment Industries in Franklin Lakes

Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Ridgewood Weather

Annual Precipitation: 51.5”
Average Winter High Temperature (January): 38
Average Winter Low Temperature (January): 19
Average Summer High Temperature (July): 85
Average Summer Low Temperature (July): 64

Ridgewood Amenities

Bolger Fitness Center
Ridgewood Racquet Club
Ridgewood Symphony Orchestra

La Bella Pizza
Haagen-Dazs Shop
Blue Fish Restaurant

East Ridgewood Avenue Center
D’Moni Women’s Apparel
Active Footwear Center

Ridgewood Schools

Willard Elementary
Travell Elementary
Somerville Elementary
Ridge Elementary
Orchard Elementary
Hawes Elementary
Ben Franklin Middle
George Washington Middle
Ridgewood High

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