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Accepting an Offer of a Real Estate Contract For Selling Your Home in Bergen County NJ

Oftentimes, the initial offer received turns out to the the best offer of the whole process. This is because the first potential buyer to make an offer is probably very serious about purchasing your home and is eager to get their offer in before other buyers. Offers may need to be negotiated on a few points, but The Adler Home Team always suggests that you consider all offers and leave us to use our years of experience to negotiate on your behalf.

Our expert team will thoroughly examine the offer and ask the following questions:Bergen and Morris County, NJ Real Estate Offer

  1. Are the conveyance items correct?
  2. Is the earnest money deposit (EMD) amount enough?
  3. Do the terms of the appraisal, inspection, or financing negatively or positively affect the sale for the seller?

We will then review with you the price and any potential financing terms, any requirements or deadlines you must meet, and how much return you can expect to receive.

Negotiate With Confidence With Our Team On Your Side

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